Jules In Foster

Oh my goodness…this little girl is perfection. She is sweet, funny, playful, sociable with my 8 other dogs (all breeds sizes ages and personalities). She eats nicely (no aggression), plays with toys gently, isn’t a barker, and will sleep through the night without fuss in her crate. Despite her limited capabilities she’s a happy girl and zooms about in her drag bag. If she ever got wheels she’d be an olympian! Not been tested around cats but I don’t think it’s in her to be nasty to anything!

[“Crate trained”,”Good with dogs”,”Very Gentle”,”Playful”]

Medical Issues: Yes
spinal injury which has left her unable to use her legs. I have been doing basic PT exercises with her and was told I needed to help her express her bladder BUT I have discovered that she does have sensation in her feet and when I stimulate her lady parts with a damp cloth she will pee on her own, plus when she does a poo she attempts to lift her legs. My husband also reported today that he felt her move her back right leg slightly.

Hours Daily Left Alone: 1-2 hours.
Frequency of going outside:I take all dogs out hourly just for the fresh air and to play.
Left along during the day?: secured in an area with baby gates
Sleep at Night: In a Kennel
Playful or relaxed: she’s 50/50. loves to play but also loves to just chill and watch the TV or watch me working.
Walks or in car?: cannot walk. Was good in the car (1 hour drive) when I went to pick her up.
What Food and When?: Purina Pro plan dry (1 cup) with 1/4 tin pro plan wet once a day. afternoon snack of grilled chicken breast (about 2 oz) or peanut butter in a kong.

Last Preventive Date:2022-05-01
Ideal home: plenty of dogs, somebody home all day because she loves her people, and for her to have wheels so she can zoom about
Favority Toys: stuffed toys and hard chewy toys.
Any other needs?: make sure she gets cleaned up after her poo and pee, and be kept cleaner than most doggies so that she doesn’t get bed sores or urine burns.

If you are the perfect foster for Jules, be sure you have an app on file then send an email to rockymountainfbr@gmail.com. Her adoption fee will be $300 after fostering.