Eva/Potato is ready for her new home! She is a 4y and 11m old spayed female sassy girl with a lot of personality and excited for her new adventure.

She loves to play with her foster brother and sister, but sometimes she is a little sassier than they would like. She wants to be on the couch and sleep with you in bed. She can sit for hours on the bench in the back yard and stare at the squirrels. Keep an eye on your shoes! She likes to play with them. Chew on them a little bit. She has a thing for shoes, what girl doesn’t? She is a big fan of a plushie. Now that she is feeling better, she wants to play, all the time.

She needs to work on her manners a bit. She is a sassy girl and likes to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Sometimes that means that she is going to lay in bed ALL day. No matter how many times you call her for food, she will just roll over away from you.

She likes cats, a whole lot. They are SUPER fun to chase. She also loves to play tag. If you open the door, she will tag you and run! She is well acquainted with her kennel. Sometimes her sassiness gets the better of her and she needs to take a time out. If you leave her out of any of the fun, she will let you know she is not happy about it. She is really hoping to have a family she can play with. Dog or human siblings would be best. She would prefer a K9 brother over sister. But as long as her siblings are willing to stand up for themselves, or being totally submissive to her queendom, she will be a happy camper. She spent most of her life dealing with itchies and taking care of her elderly brother. She needs that companionship, but she is finally living her puppyhood.

She really would do best with someone who is home a lot, or at least, able to have someone come in and walk her. She alternates between wanting to sleep all day and wanting to play all day. Keep an eye out for her sweet little rhino run.

Eva/Potato gets a half cup of food twice a day. She is currently on Zignature lamb. She is allergic to Chicken and Turkey so please be very diligent when choosing a new food. Chicken meal is present in a lot of brands. She is not all that aggressive when she eats. She doesn’t eat super quickly.

Currently she is taking apoquel once a day. She needs a medicated bath once a week. She will likely need a cytopoint injection every 6-8 weeks for her allergies as well. These are lifetime requirements for her. An additional paw soak in the same medicated bath is okay. She may have flare ups from time to time and need additional medication. The new family should be prepared for this. Her allergies are moderate to severe. They can be managed, but the flair ups are inevitable and tied to anxiety and stress.

Eva/Potato will need to be walked a few times a day. We have a yard currently and while she will use it sometimes for potty breaks, she gets very distracted by all of the smells and animals. Walking allows her the attention to potty outside and not forget until she gets back in.

Eva’s adoption fee will be $500. If you think you are the perfect home for Eva, please be sure you have an ADOPTION APPLICATION on file. Then send us an email to adopt@rmfbr.org detailing how your home is perfect for Eva.

Medical notes here


Eva is a 5yo spayed female. She is a French and English bulldog mix and is 44# of snuggly love! She is very caring and compassionate. She loves everyone and every dog. She is a licker. She loves to set by you and lean on you. She was incredible when the other dog was in his last months of life. She really loved him. He had gone blind and she would lead him everywhere and always look back to make sure he was ok. She slept with him and they did everything together. She is lonely and wants a dog to share her life with.

From her surrendering owner:

Eva is a mixed white with black face, French/English Bulldog. We got her at 8 weeks old and she bonded tightly with our other dog (also the same mix and my daughter’s service dog). He passed away and we have spent the past few months trying to help her, but she needs another dog. She is still grieving, and it has made her allergy/skin issues so much worse. She has also developed separation anxiety. My daughter and I have the same seizure disorder and our older bulldog that just passed was her seizure dog. Eva was from the same breeder and meant to be trained to replace the first dog when he retired, but her skin issues made that impossible. She did canine good citizen classes and training, but we could not get her skin issues under control for her to be able to continue her training. My son just got a diagnosis of a rare blood disorder and lupus. I can’t go to his appointments and treatments because she scratches herself so much and is so upset. We have tried behavior modification and having someone watch her and it doesn’t help much. We also don’t have the money to continue looking into her dermatology issues. Eva is very sweet but needs someone home a lot and a home with another dog (she’s never been around cats or small animals, (she does watch and wants to try to chase the rabbits here). If her skin issues were under control, she would feel so much better. We have tried Apoquel, cytopoint, steroids, topical meds, and everything suggested CSU with only temporary relief. We are not in the position to get another dog. I want her to have the love and attention she deserves.

Eva would do best in a home with an older/passive male who she can bond to. Her ideal humans would have someone home more often than not who are able to get her allergies under control.

If you can foster Eva, please be sure your app is on file and then send us an email to rockymountainfbr@gmail.com as to why your home is perfect for her. Her adoption fee will be $500 after the foster period.