This is not contagious. This is allergy and secondary skin infection.

Bruno was relinquished to his vet because his elderly owner couldn’t care for him. He is a heavy medical needs boy. He will need multiple visits to our vet so please be available on Mondays at 4 to make the drive to south Erie.

This is the only photo we have of him. The vet who is caring for him states he is very calm and sweet. Even through painful procedures, he has stayed loving.

We have no idea how he is with anyone else. He likes people but because of his condition, he hasn’t been tested with other animals or kids.

Bruno will be arriving in CO Thursday evening. Please be available around 8pm. We will be driving in from central KS so will update with eta.

If you can be Bruno’s hero and foster him, please email us at Please be sure you have your foster app on file.