Annabelle came in from the shelter. She is about two years old.

. She is the sweetest cuddler. She is pretty quiet for a frenchie but her bark is adorable. She had a few accidents the first couple of days but with some consistency she is so good about going outside in the yard, she takes her time but it gets done. She likes to chew on the grass but doesn’t put things in her mouth that she shouldn’t. She takes her time eating and I swear she tries to put her head in the water bowl when she drinks. I pet her one night before bed and water was on the top of her head . She isn’t too playful, there are toys everywhere, but she just rather lay around and relax. She will still play for a bit but once she’s done, she’s done. She seems to scratch herself a lot and we’re trying to figure out if she is allergic to the food we have for them so we are trying something else. She is good about taking baths, she will stay put but once you’re done she will jump out of the tub. She doesn’t like her nails clipped so we have to take it slow. She takes treats very sweet and calm, doesn’t snap at your fingers. She snorts like a little piggy but once she relaxes she is typically quiet. She loves to give kisses.

We have notice that she continues to snap at the other dogs so we do have to keep them separate . Harleen who is super submissive seems to be okay but Butter and Corn who try to stand their ground she will lunge and try to attack. She seems to try to latch onto them because they’ve come away with wet spots. We are thinking she needs to be a only child or with a dog who won’t show any reaction if she is pushing by on purpose. 

We love her but it’s super stressful for the other doggies. We were hoping it was just nerves but she settled in comfortably. 

We are looking for a home with no other pets and no children under 12.

If you are able to foster Annabelle, please be sure your foster app is on file and then send an email to telling us why your home is perfect for Annabelle.