Bruce is looking for his furever home!

Bruce is about ten months old. He is neutered and up to date on vaccines.

He is sweet, squishy, soft, silly, spunky, smart and snuggly! He loves to sit on your left side and to receive scratches behind his ears. His fur is so soft and silky, He’s a blue merle with a sweet white Santa beard down his chest. Bruce’s congenital spinal defect doesn’t slow him down much. Some days he is stronger than others and other days he tends to scooch around on his right hip in a sweet Frenchie sitting type pose. 

Bruce would be best served in a home with few steps, especially to go outside to go potty. Going down steps is harder for him, and this sometimes causes accidents. We do keep him in a belly band when inside but set him ‘free’ outside. While we have not been able to take Bruce on walks, he does spend lots of time outside playing with his foster sister, a 2-year-old female Frenchie. Bruce loves chewing on his wishbone and loves his ‘babies’, especially his unicorn and bunny. 

Bruce is not a diaper dog but he does occasionally wear belly bands as he can get excited and pee on the way outside. He can walk like a drunken sailor.

Bruce is good in his crate at night. He wants to play with our very old cat but hasn’t had any hunting type behavior. While Bruce has been great with my 10-year-old nephew, he does tend to tangle himself up in his human’s feet which could lead to Bruce getting hurt. He knows his name and will rub his head on your leg if he wants to be picked up and will tap your hands to have you start petting him.

We have been feeding him at 7am, kibble, and in the evening around 6pm with homemade turkey and veggie dinner. Bruce does get vocal when excited or when he is lonely. He does okay being left at home for short periods, we have not tested longer periods as we work from home.

Bruce’s adoption fee is $500. Be sure you fill out the adoption application for Bruce then send us an email at


Bruce is a smart, loving, sweet puppy! He’s the best! Bruce is six months old. He is in his second foster home due to medical needs. At this time, he is continent and potty trained with a few “puppy” accidents. He does drag his back feet but is mobile. He has been paralyzed but is up and walking now. Because he is so young, we have doubts this is IVDD but rather some type of congenital spinal issue. He will need to see the vet as soon as possible. Additionally, he may need several vet visits. The visits are Mondays at 4 in south Erie so if you can foster him, please be sure you can make it to his appointments.

Bruce is good with other dogs. We do not know his status on kids or cats.

Bruce is a silly and fun puppy with a few extra needs. He is a bigger guy already at 23#. Bruce will be flying in on Sunday 4/10 so he will need a home in Denver that afternoon. If you are able to foster Bruce, please be sure to check out the foster information, be sure you have an application on file, and then send an email to explaining why your home is best for him.