Hi! I’m Wren.  My foster mama says I’m the goodest girl ever.  She said she would adopt me but, I don’t like cats very much and she does.  She promised me there was the perfect family out there for me.  Could it be you?

I am an active young Frenchie girl. They say I have IVDD. I don’t know what that means. Everything seems fine to me. I love to go for walks. I will admit, I prefer if I can ride in a shopping cart or stroller. Foster mama says I’m bougie.  I love toys! Bark box day is my favorite day of the month.  I also like to kill the packing bubbles in Amazon packages. Mama says they aren’t safe though. 

I go potty outside like a good girl. I do best with a dog door but I’m learning to ask. If I’m left at home alone, mama puts a diaper on me. I get mad and pee on her couch sometimes when I’m alone too long. Do you work from home? I would love that! I am kennel trained too. I will eat anything! My favorite treat is redi-whip. I also like easy cheese. Mama has been putting cranberry justice in my water to keep my bladder healthy. I like it okay. 

I don’t like to share my food so if I have a doggie sibling I would like my own eating space. I’m not very nice if I share an eating space with other dogs. I love to snuggle and would like a lap and bed to snuggle in. Do you think you could be my family? 

Wren’s adoption fee will be $300 due to her history of IVDD. You MUST send an email to adopt@rmfbr.org to be considered for her furever home. Please be sure you have read and understand the policy and procedure for adoptions which can be found HERE.



Wren needs a foster home!

Wren is the happiest and funniest dog! She is a 4yo spayed female. She gets along well with other dogs of her size and if they are male or docile. She has a history of goat chasing so she shouldn’t be in a home with cats or farm animals.

Wren has been in a couple different homes in her short life so, at the end of the day, we need to get her settled into a home where she can trust and become her self.

Wren has a history of IVDD episodes. She is currently mobile and continent – she is house trained. But she may have a flare-up in the future. This would mean she would need pain meds, steroids, and some crate time to recover. Her IVDD is intermittent and she always recovers. However, her surrendering owner understands this is more than she can help Wren with and has asked us to find her an incredible home so Wren can have her happily ever after.

Is that home with you? If so, please email us and tell us why: rockymountainfbr@gmail.com

Be sure you have your FOSTER APPLICATION on file.

Based on our current knowledge of Wren, her adoption fee (after the 30 day foster period and all vetting is complete) will be $300.