Hello, I am Igor (pronounced E-Gor). I like my name, but my foster mom sometimes calls me handsome. The vet said I am probably under two years old, but I don’t remember.  To make it easy, let’s say my birthday was 7-23-2021 and I got the best gift ever!  Freedom!

I’m not a fan of long beach walks, but I enjoy my time outside relaxing in the shade. I get to spend my day working with my foster mom and patrolling the yard with my foster sisters. I would love it if my human could work from home or even let me go to work with them. I think I would only want maybe one sibling as long as they are willing to snuggle on my bed and are gentle when we play with our toys. I haven’t been around little humans but I think I would like them if they are gentle and kind.

The lovely people who saved me from jail bathed me. I loved my bath! It was a little dicey for a second until I figured it out.  It felt so lovely not to stink like jail anymore.   After bath time, we went for a walk on a leash!  I thought I did great!  Although, I had to smell all the new stuff I walked by because it needed my pee.  We went for a couple of blocks then I got to slither around in the grass to cool off.  On our walk, I met a couple of other doggies; they were friendly and just said hi, and we went on our way.  A few of them barked at me, but it didn’t bother me.  I was always on the watch for cats!  I don’t like cats at all!  I do not want to live with any cats, ick!

The new place I’m at has a hole in the wall that I can walk through, and BAM, I’m outside. This is my favorite! Because it’s new, I sometimes forget, and I find a rug if my foster mom starts work before I go out. My mom said to someone that she thinks I’m about 90% potty trained. Sometimes I stare at the door when I want to go outside then my sisters remind me about the magic hole in the wall.

The first night after I was bailed out of doggy jail, they put me in a big kennel at bedtime, but I wouldn’t say I liked it, so I got pretty barky about it.  They thought I would calm down after a bit, but I showed them.  They let me out, and I got to sleep in the bedroom with my new guy and his Frenchie.  After I calmed down, I just slept on a doggy bed for a while, then on the floor, then back on the bed.  I didn’t snore much, but I do make cute piggy noises.

I was supposed to keep this short, but I have so much to say!  I know my life will get so much better from here, and I am excited to be loved!   I have a lot of love in me, and I want to share it.  I am not perfect, but my mom says that I am.   I need to be taught a few things, but if you are patient, I will love you back.  My new friends have told me they can see that I am a charming boy and they already love me. 

In closing,  I AM IGOR!  Hear me ROAR…and fart

Igor is located in Salt Lake City and can be transferred to Denver if needed. His donation is $1000. You MUST send an email to to be considered for his furever home. Please be sure you have read and understand the policy and procedure for adoptions which can be found HERE.