Blake/Buddy (responds to Buddy right now)

Blake is a healthy 18 month old neutered male. He recently had his BOAS surgery completed and is ready for his Furever Family!

Daily Routine:  Buddy likes to get up fairly early (6:30-6:45 ish when we start getting ready for work). He goes outside immediately to use the bathroom. Then he eats and goes back outside as he usually has to go again right after eating. He has shown so much growth going to the back door when he needs to use the bathroom! Initially he was wearing belly bands in the house because he was marking on things. We have stopped using these and just keep a close eye on him for signs that he needs to go outside. 2 days a week he comes to work with me, 2 days I work from home, and 1 day a week he has to spend most of the day in his kennel while we are at work. Buddy has quite a bit of energy, and we have found it is not good for him to be in his kennel all day. As he still is working on potty training and learning what he can and cannot chew on in the house, we do not leave him out to wander.

6:30am- outside to use the restroom

7am- Breakfast (Canidae Pure Salmon and Sweet Potato recipe, 3 /4 to 1 cup)

-he likes to drink A LOT of water at a time and then sometimes spits it back up. This has to be monitored so that he does not drink too much at one time.

7:15am – second potty break

7:30am- off to work with foster mom in office or at home until 4pm! Potty break at noon and as needed

5pm- home and play time with foster sister (3.5 year old female Frenchie)

6pm- Dinner (Canidae Pure Salmon and Sweet Potato recipe, 3 /4 to 1 cup)

8pm walk for half a mile or so (Buddy likes walking but not for too long, you will see him slow down after going on a short walk and we make sure he doesn’t get too hot. He does well on leash and we have not seen any aggression with other dogs while on leash) 

9pm- Wipe and clean his facial folds. Teeth brush 1x a week. Ear cleaning as needed

Play time until bed at 10pm (he sleeps in his kennel and is crate trained)

Buddy has been in a home with one other dog, a 3.5 year old female Frenchie. He has not been around cats so we do not know how he would do. He also has mostly met other female dogs. He has met a larger male dog and did well with that dog. Buddy likes to play with our other dog A LOT. He often wiggles his whole body when he is excited. He will try and jump up on the door when going somewhere. He also likes to chew on a bone, go to work, and go for walks. He will follow you any where you go in the house and just wants to be around people. He is still not so sure about treats, but he loves cheese! He does not like loud noises and is not a huge fan of cuddling. He will settle down while being pet though!

Buddy is silly, very friendly, loves to play, loves going to work and seeing my coworkers, loves car rides, loves attention, and can be hyper if he is not getting enough exercise or time out of his kennel. We think his ideal home would have another dog. He may be okay being an only pet if he is not left home alone in his crate all day. I think he would do well if he had a doggie door. He learned quickly how to use a doggie door when visiting our family for just one day. He would benefit from being able to go to work with someone or having someone who works from home. Buddy does great on leash and seems to know when you are telling him to get down when he is jumping up. He is crate trained as well. He does need to work on basic commands and still has a lot of puppy energy! His family will need to be patient and willing to work with him on training.

Blake’s adoption fee is $1000. You MUST send an email to to be considered for his furever home. Please be sure you have read and understand the policy and procedure for adoptions which can be found HERE.