Sensa is ready for adoption!

Sensa is a 4.5 year old spayed female.

Sensa loves to sleep in a bit, but once she is up we go right outside to go potty.  She is in diapers but if you do a good job getting her outside and walking her around, she does an amazing job going potty outside.  She eats 2 x a day, 3/4 cup in the AM & PM she is on a grain free salmon dry food- she usually goes outside in the back yard without her diaper several times a day, but is happy to relax on her bed or in her crate and is very chill- no disruptive or destructive behavior in our experience, we will leave her out of the crate when we leave for a few hours. 

If you aren’t home or don’t get her outside and she has to go potty, she will go in her diaper- but we have had very little experience with that being in a routine.  Some days her little legs seem to work very well, and somedays you can tell she is struggling a bit with her back end balance and will drag a little.  Here is a video of her walk. Even on those days she is the happiest, open and loving dog you could ever ask for. 

Her nature is to just love you and she loves to sit on my lap and sleep and she will cuddle and play whenever you can spend time with her.  She loves playing fetch with ball- and she is very friendly with our big lab and has learned to be loving with our tiny frenchie over time and some parental intervention. 

She loves food, treats, and toys.  She is allergic to chicken products- so treats have to be non-chicken.  She is the cutest and when she wants something (ball under the couch, up on your lap, or food she can’t reach) she sounds like a creature from the movies with the funny sounds she makes.  Her ideal home would be someone who has a flexible working schedule or work at home situation, as I believe she is happiest when she can go potty outside and not be reliant on her diaper.  She can hold her potty for several hours, but an all day alone scenario would not be ideal. 

She is great with all people, but does need room to roam- if stairs are part of your household, a gate may be necessary, because she will follow you.  We carry her up and she sleeps on a bed next to us at night.  My favorite thing about Sensa is her personality.  She is truly a beautiful dog inside and out- she is so kind and excited to see you and loves you unconditionally.  

Kids? She is amazing with our 13 year old, and loves all humans.

Cats?  I don’t know, but with her instinct to chase our mini frenchie at first, I would say probably not.

Dogs?  She is great with our big lab, and she is now cuddly with our little frenchie- but still likes to try to corner her when playing hard.

Sensa will do best in a home with larger dogs she cannot bully as well as older children (9 or older). She can show a prey drive so no cats or small animals she may “catch”. Sensa’s adoption fee will be $750 minus a $350 medical needs discount. To apply for Sensa, please be sure your application is on file then send us an email as to why your (Denver-metro) home is perfect for her.