Oliver (in Salt Lake City) is looking for his Furever Home!

Oliver is a fospice dog – he will be under the medical care and cost of RMFBR until end of life. We don’t know how long this may be. For now, he is a happy and exploitative puppy! He does need a special home. Please read through this entire bio and see if you are able to truly save a life and make Every Day the Best Day Ever for Ollie. Email us at info@rmfbr.org is you are his Furever!

 Oliver (Ollie)

7 months (Oct 2022)

Salt Lake City, Utah

Weight: 7.2 pounds / 3.3 kilos


Hi, my name is Oliver, Ollie for short, or if you’re French, which I am, it’s pronounced O-live-ee-ay. I was born with spina bifida and I ended up with a necrotic prepuce but that’s all in the past. So, I’ve had a rough start but who hasn’t. I don’t let my previous adversity hold me back from having a good attitude and a zest for life.   

Although I am only 7.2 pounds, I am 100% full of love and spice. I still try and move about and stay active so you’ll need to keep at least one eye on me. I love other dogs and would love to be a part of a pack. When they bark, I bark. When they get excited, I get excited. It’s all part of the pack dynamics. 

I am a Libra/Scorpio which I think sums up my personality well. Although initially reserved, I am an extrovert at heart and very social. Once you’re in my inner circle, I am very loyal and get extremely attached. What can I say, I love deeply. I crave harmony and balance so I would thrive more in an orderly environment with a set schedule. I love car rides, sunshine, and long walks in a stroller while people-watching or seeing the majestic mountains. 

While I am only 7 months young, I am an old soul. They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. This rings true for me. When you look into my eyes, you will see I’m complex, super sensitive, sometimes opinionated, but worth your time and commitment. Once I love you, I love you for life.

My kryptonite is peanut butter, baby belle cheese, cod sticks, and bone chews. I’m not currently taking any medication but if I needed to, all you need to do is hide it in peanut butter or cheese and I wouldn’t be the wiser. 

What am I looking for? I’m looking for my soul-family. I want a family I can develop an intense connection with where I can spend the remainder of my days. Ok, speaking of a days/timeline let me come clean now. I had an MRI a couple of months ago and I received undesirable results. I don’t have enough cerebral fluid in my head and part of my brain is in my nasal cavity. What does this mean for you? I probably shouldn’t have any sudden movements. I could have a seizure but if you just hold me, it will be over in 10 seconds. My soul-family would include someone who is home full-time or works from home. I kinda need someone to change me every couple of hours so I don’t get that necrotic thing again. I am a love-bug, so I appreciate giving and getting attention. I enjoy car rides and being in the sun soaking up the rays – it makes me feel rejuvenated. That’s one of the reasons I love Utah. Being outdoors is good for my soul. I’m a people person kind of Frenchie, I relish interacting with others, so being alone is my least favorite thing. It makes me sad and sometimes that makes me cry (bark). I know from time-to-time you’ll need to do stuff around the house (e.g., cook and clean), all I ask is that you put me in the same room where I can see you and I’ll be totally content. I’m a little co-dependent, what can I say. Same goes for errands. If you need to run errands, you can take me with you in a papoose. I promise to be a good boy. 

If you’re looking for companionship, unconditional love, someone with a positive outlook, long walks, picnics at the park soaking up the rays, a loyal confidant, and tons of kisses – swipe right. I’m the young French man you’ve been looking for. Oui Oui, I look forward to hearing from you. 

Basic personality

  • Affable, Approachable
  • Assertive (self-assured and will let you know when he wants attention)
  • Active and Energetic especially for being paralyzed (determined mindset)
  • Cheerful, Happy, Chipper, Joyous Soul
  • Encouraging, Positive Outlook, Upbeat Attitude
  • Optimistic and Lives each day to the fullest
  • Resourceful (ability to overcome difficulties)
  • Sensitive (needs and gives lots of attention)
  • Sincere, Straight-forward (what you see is what you get)
  • Sociable and Life of the Party
  • Trustworthy and Dependable (your person for life)

Best thing about him

  • He’s pure love
  • He’s a fighter and has a zest for life
  • He has a great demeanor in spite of all the adversity he has gone through
  • From what we can tell, he is not in any pain in his lower extremities
  • Loves to give kisses


  • Likes attention
  • Like to be a part of the pack
  • Likes to be held and/or carried in a papoose
  • Likes to be sitting next to you in his donut bed
  • Likes it when you bring his donut bed to whichever room you are in so that he can see you 
  • Loves peanut butter and baby belle cheese
  • Loves being pushed in the stroller with a front row view
  • Loves being in the sun soaking up Vitamin D rays
  • Loves car rides (who doesn’t like going bye-bye)


  • Does not like being ignored; Needs consistent attention
  • Can get frustrated that he cannot physically play with other dogs (I don’t think he understands his physical limitations)
  • Can get jealous if you’re giving a lot of attention to other pets in the house
  • Can get frustrated in the wheelchair especially when he isn’t moving (running in place)
  • He doesn’t like it when he gets seizures which usually lasts 10 seconds (recommend holding/cuddling him until it passes)
  • Doesn’t really know how to eat treats (just learning to hold a bone and cod stick)

Funny quirks (good/bad)

  • He can have bouts of continuous barking when he doesn’t visibility see you
  • Barking can be ear piercing over time
  • Excessive barking will cause him to be thirsty
  • Co-dependent
  • Needs to be the center of attention
  • Seeks stability and can be overly trusting of others (that’s how he got into the rescue)
  • Tendency to react emotionally when displeased
  • Tender hearted nature
  • Can bite you too hard when overly excited
  • Can roll out of donut bed if overly excited
  • Doesn’t always eat and/or drink so you’ll need to keep track of how much water and food he’s consuming to ensure he is not regressing
  • Can eat too fast then choke up food
  • Can be a messy eater
  • Will need to be patience when changing his diaper because he can urinate and/or defecate while drying him off which may require you to rinse him again

Ideal Home

  • Patience, loving, orderly household
  • Someone who doesn’t mind a shadow or a fabulous co-dependent French man
  • Someone who is home or works from home full-time
  • Able to perform diaper changes, food and water every 3 hours
  • Someone who can carry up to 10 pounds for long periods of time (bathing and feeding)


  • He likes other dogs and gets very excited when they play
  • Unsure about kids or other animals (e.g., cats, birds) as he has not been exposed
  • He can become very vocal when other dogs start playing or barking
  • Can roll out of his donut bed when overly excited when around other dogs

Pro tip: if he barks for long periods of time, he gets thirsty. 

Daily Routine

5:00 amDiaper Change
5:30 amWater

8:00 amDiaper Change
8:30 amBreakfast (Food & Water)

11:00 amDiaper Change
11:30 amLunch (Food & Water) If he doesn’t eat you can try and feed him lunch at 2:30 pm


2:00 pmDiaper Change
2:30 pmLunch (Food & Water)


5:00 pmDiaper Change
5:30 pmDinner (Food & Water)

8:00 pmDiaper Change
8:30 pmWater

Diaper Changing Routine 5AM/8PM

Pro tip: his tail pocket is on top and is deep. His tail is also a corkscrew or ingrown tail which can become easily infected, painful and itchy. Changing his diaper, rinsing, and thoroughly drying any debris from his tail pocket every 3 hours is ideal. It will ensure feces do not sit and irritate the skin and cause dermatitis. Applying Animax Ointment Rx (or another antifungal, corticosteroid and antibiotic) once a day will help.  

Diaper Changing Routine (All Other Times)

  • Slightly push/squeeze his anus to help him pass any feces
  • Rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly
    • You can use baby wipes but I feel it doesn’t clean as well as rinsing especially if his stool is soft/diarrhea
  • Dry thoroughly with a hand towel (including tail pocket)
  • Place his penis back into his shaft so that it does not dry out
  • Apply Neosporin liberally from naval to anus (including undercarriage)
  • Apply Aquaphor over Neosporin liberally from naval to anus (including undercarriage)

Pro tip: as cleaning him sometimes stimulates his bowels, he will from time-to-time defecate and urinate while you are drying him off and it will transfer to the hand towel. Wash all towels in “sanitary” cycle to help remove all residue. You will also go through roughly 6 hand towels in a single day so you may need to do laundry daily. Also, if his prolapse anus returns, you will need to push it back in and apply Preparation H for a couple of days as a vasoconstrictor. 


Pro tip: when securing the metal clips attach to the diaper cover only and make sure the diaper/pamper acts like a protective shield (reason for size 4). If the metal clips touch his skin it can cause irritation over time.


  • Due to his spina bifida he has trouble passing stool, so it is easier for him to digest and pass stool if his food is served soft/wet
  • I feed him both soaked kibble and wet canned dog food options
  • He can choke on dry kibble and it will make his stool very hard and difficult to pass

Pro tip: place his food and water bowls on the kitchen counter/island because you will need to hold him (he cannot stand on his own) and it will be easier on your back.

Dry Dog Food

Pro tip: soak dry dog food for 30-60 minutes and refrigerate any unused portion. It is best to let it soak overnight and put it in the refrigerator.

Wet Dog Food

Pro tip: this is a single serving.


  • I try to give him water every 2-3 hours, but he isn’t always thirsty
  • Filtered, bottled or distilled water

Pro tip: he smacks his lips when he is thirsty.

Daily Cleaning

Pro tip: if we notice a lot of eye gunk (allergies), we give him ½ Zyrtec in peanut butter. 


Pro tip: he prefers a donut bed or a bed that has a lip so that he can rest his bone/chew. 


Pro tip: he prefers a donut bed or a bed that has a lip so that he can rest his head. I also rotate him from side-to-side often, but he favors sleeping on his left side. I also use a blanket on his donut bed and crate, so I only need to wash the blanket instead of the bed. I wash all of his bedding and blankets weekly.


  • Sill needs to learn the connection between the movement in his limbs and the forward motion of the wheelchair
  • Can get frustrated when other dogs are running around him chasing a ball
  • Wheelchair does best on low-pile carpet where his feet can grip and the wheelchair is not difficult to move
  • Will need supervision as the wheelchair can get stuck at walls, islands, etc.
  • May need to adjust wheelchair height as his spine becomes straighter
  • Only use wheelchair for 5-10 minutes at a time


  • 0-3 months onesies in infants
  • Onesies help keep his diapers and suspenders on
  • I change his clothes and diaper cover daily
  • Sweaters and jumpsuits in the winter or colder weather
  • Linen or cotton onesies in the spring or summer

Pro tip: wash his diaper cover in a delicate mesh bag so that the Velcro does not damage your own clothes.

What Do I Come With

  • Healthcare Insurance as provided by Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue (RMFBR)
    • Please note that all Vet visits need to be pre-approved in advance unless it is an emergency. If it is an emergency, please call or text 303-819-4904 on your way so RMFBR can call the Emergency Center and set-up an account prior to your arrival
    • Colorado: VistaVet.net
    • Utah: VCA Willow Creek
  • Size 4 Diapers
  • 2 – Suspenders
  • 3 – Diaper Covers
  • Manuka Honey Pet Shampoo
  • Neosporin and Aquaphor to get you started
  • Royal Canine Small Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food in Plastic Food Container/Tub
  • At least 1-can of Royal Canine Small Breed Puppy Wet Dog Food to get you started
  • 1 – Car seat with Blanket
  • 1 – Soft Portable Crate with Blanket
  • 1 – Small Wheelchair
  • 2 – Cold Weather Jumpsuits
  • 2 – Cold Weather Sweaters
  • 6 – Spring/Summer Onesies
  • 2 – Harnesses
  • 1 – Papoose 
  • 2 – Stuffed Animals (toys)
  • 1 – Diaper Bag
    • 1 – Nose Butter
    • 1 – Eyedrops
    • 2 – Rolls of Poop Bags
    • 1 – Travel size Vaseline
    • 1 – Travel size Q-tips
    • 1 – Package of Honest Wet Wipes
    • 10 – Size 4 Diapers
    • 1 – Pee Pad

What Will You Need to Initially Provide

  • Dog Bowls
  • Donut Bed and Blanket
  • Pet Conditioner
  • Hand Towels for Bathing and/or Diaper Changes
  • Stroller (if needed)
  • Please note that after the first set of supplies are gone, RMFBR asks that you please provide (exception is for medically needed Rx).

Photos and Videos