Lilly is looking for her Furever Home

Lilly is a 1 1/2 year old lovebug that is looking for her furever home! Her favorite thing in the whole world is to get cuddles from her humans. She is very friendly towards passerby’s and other dogs. This beautiful girl loves taking naps and following foster mom around- but beware of her farts because they tend to be deadly!

She is currently eating Fromm Four Star Pork and Applesauce Dog food. We’re not sure if she is allergic to anything yet but her tummy is a bit sensitive when trying new food or treats. 


Lilly is available for adoption! adoptdontshop

? original sound – rescueafrenchie – rescueafrenchie

Despite being perfectly happy lounging at home all day, Lilly loves to run! Whenever we are out on potty breaks or at the dog park, she loves to run a couple of laps before bolting for the door back to her comfy dog bed. She is still working on her leash training but does amazing during car rides. She is a proper lap dog that refuses to climb stairs on her own. We have had no issues bringing her to the vet or giving her baths. In fact, we have yet to hear her bark! 

Lilly’s ideal home would have someone who has a flexible work schedule. Although she doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety and is respectful of house rules, she loves just being near her humans and showering them with lots of love. If you are looking for a partner-in-crime that is always up for an adventure, Lilly is your perfect little gal.

Lilly’s adoption fee will be $1000 minus a $300 special needs. Her back is shortened and she may have issues in the future. However, with supplements and care (please be familiar with needs of dogs with back issues), we do not expect any long term effects. 

Be sure you have an ADOPTION APPLICATION on file and then send an email as described on the application.