Archie is Available for adoption

(Salt Lake City)

Hi I’m Archie. I know what you’re thinking, how is a handsome, young, tail wagging guy like me in foster care? Welp a few weeks ago, I lost the use of my back legs. My mom was so overwhelmed and wanted to make sure I have the best life, so she reached out to Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue. At first, I was so scared. A weird blonde lady kept talking to me and trying to feed me. Once I gathered up all my courage, I crept out of my crate and was greeted by two new friends. They have the same squish face as me, but much are smaller than me.

This new lady keeps calling me a big boy – but just because my head is two times the size of her girls’ heads, doesn’t mean I’m a giant or anything. And I’ve actually lost a lot of weight with all the life changes that have been happening. Speaking of this new lady, it took me awhile to warm up to her. But now that I know how nice and sweet smelling she is, I want to be with her always. Unless I get too hot, then I like to lay at her feet after sighing dramatically for effect. I’m actually a really great vocalizer. I have my “oh that’s the right spot” pur, my “I’m uncomfortable and in pain” grumblings, my “hey don’t forget about me I’m right here” snips, my “get away from my stuff right now you have two seconds” growl and, my favorite, “COME TO ME RIGHT NOW TOY I CANNOT REACH I NEED YOUUUU” barks. This blonde lady tells me I’m really smart because I communicate so well! Then she scratches behind my ears and squishes my face and my whole chest puffs up with pride. In fact, I’m pretty sure my love languages are affirmation and physical touch. I love hearing how I’m a good boy and getting belly rubs. But you know what I hate? When someone tries to get close to things that are mine. One of my squish face roommates is always getting too close to my things and I have to let her know it’s just not cool. The blonde lady always takes her side and I end up in time out, but it’s not my fault the tiny squish face is blind. That’s still my stuff and I don’t like her near it. Apparently I need to learn how to “share” and “be nice”. Whatever that means. Unlike these two tiny squish face foster sisters, I’m completely potty trained and I will let you know when I need to go outside. Cheese is my favorite food, even though sometimes I find pills hidden in it so I spit them out and hide them from the blonde lady. I like some peanut butter snacks, but I refuse to eat anything that is pure peanut butter because I know what you’re trying to do. And like I mentioned earlier, I’m smart. I will not be tricked into taking my meds. I’ve been taking it easy, chilling in a crate and on the sofa, and I’ve regained the use of all my legs! Sometimes I’m still a little wobbly, but I’m too energetic to let that hold me back.

If you’ve made it this far, there’s a good chance you’re my human, the one I’m waiting for. I want to be with you as much as possible, so I hope you work from home more than this blonde lady. Sometimes I have panic attacks when she leaves me. But when she sings to me and gives me loves before she goes, it helps me remain calm and snooze. Also, I’d love it if you have a friend for me to play with. Just make sure the friend is larger and can keep me in check. I’ll be such a good boy, I promise. Especially if you remind me how good I am. At the end of a good day, I’ll bring one, or seven, toys to bed. My favorite ones are ones I can fit in my mouth and chomp down on. Don’t worry, I’ll show them all off to you to make sure I’m still a good boy. Then I’ll curl up next to you and call it a day. I hope you’ll be patient with me while I figure things out at your home. I promise to love you endlessly once I do.

From the weird blonde lady: Archie was surrendered when he lost use of his back legs due to an IVDD episode. He quickly regained mobility and bladder/bowel control. He is a loving, energetic and anxious boy. While in my foster home, he has been on crate rest, had his nares and pallet and neuter taken care of and started Prozac.

Archie cannot be placed in a home with other pets (no exceptions) nor children under 15. If you are the perfect home for Archie, be sure your APP IS ON FILE and send an email as per the application. Archie’s donation will be $750 minus a $350 medical needs discount.