To Adopt Checklist:

**All three parts must be completed in full to qualify for Board Review of your application.**

Canine Adoption Mini-Course Cert: We are licensed with the State of CO by PACFA. One of our new requirements is to be sure adopters are aware of the challenges that can come with welcoming a new dog into a home as well as provide education and knowledgeable support. We have done this by teaming up with The Canine Adoption Success Academy. This program was started by a 17 year veteran vet tech after CoVid when she saw a need to help shelters and rescues help new owners succeed rather than returning a dog they may not be prepared for. After completion of this program and after a dog has been placed in your home, you will also receive follow-up support directly from Amanda. She will be doing check-ins as well as offering email support answers for three months post adoption. Because the course does cost, we have removed the application fee for our applications. You will only need to do this course once in your lifetime so please be sure to keep the copy of your cert for the number should you apply for additional dogs from us in the future.

Application: Please be as specific as possible in your answers on the application. An application must be completed for each dog you apply for now and in the future.

Home Video: Please upload a video of around three minutes to the dropbox. Please label your file DogName.YourLastName. Your video should include all humans and animals who live in your house as well as any backyard, stairways, and/or water feature. Please narrate it and tell us anything we should know about you and your home.

Only dogs listed as Available for Adoption will allow for an application. If the dog is not yet listed, the dog is not available. Any app written early for a dog not available will be immediately disqualified.

All dogs are SPAYED or NEUTERED before adoption. All dogs are medically and behaviorally healthy as we know it unless noted in their bio. If a dog is not able to be spayed or neutered due to age or medical condition, there will be a $500 deposit required to be held by us and returned to you after proof of spay/neuter.

Adoption Contract. When you are chosen as an adoption home, we will ask you to sign and agree to the contract. Adoption Contract