Love at the Bridge

For those who left too soon


Captain is now a completely healthy boy who will be 5 years old in September. He was kept outside for most of his previous life. We believe he was used as a breeder. He was neutered and had 25 teeth removed as soon as he came into rescue*. He still has the occasional accident in the house. He also tends to destroy things when he is not monitored. He has perfected the French Death Yodel, but has been doing better keeping it in check. He still has some separation anxiety, but he is slowly getting better.

Captain is a pretty typical male Frenchie that we all fall in love with. He loves his foster mom and follows her everywhere. He plays with his foster sister well. He has been introduced to other dogs, cats, and kids. Aside from him just walking into them (he doesn’t seem to realize he is a stout boy!) he is great with everyone. He is a jumper – on furniture, over fences, on people – so his adoptive family will need to watch this because of potential French bulldog back issues (remember – Frenchies should never be allowed to jump).  He is a huge clown that loves attention – especially if it means a long nap on the couch! He won’t chase a ball, but enjoys plush toys. He is a huge cuddle bug with a huge heart to match the size of those ears.

Do you have the perfect home for Captain? If you do, please fill out the foster app and the adoption app. Both are located here:

Captain’s donation fee will be $500.

*The rescue is still recovering from this emergency surgery as well as that of Poppy. If you would like to help us so we can catch up, please donate via PayPal to We are a 501(c) registered non-profit so all donations are tax-deductible.


Rambo (Mojo)


Mojo has just had the full work-up including a dental and an intensive behavior check. While he passed the testing, he is unpredictable. He will need a home without other dogs.

Mojo did have a grade 2 mass cell tumor (cancer) that was fully excised. His future prognosis is great. No mets were seen in his lungs and his bloodwork was all normal showing no more cancer.

Mojo is a big boy! He is thick and stocky. He has a sweet temperament to people. Mojo is neutered and is about 5 years old.


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Dotty is a breeder surrender. One of our followers found these girls and adopted them from the breeder. However, upon vet visits, she realized their medical needs were beyond her ability and called us.

We know Dotty is having some “female” issues – she is very swollen and appears to be in perpetual heat. She also seems to have some mastitis in her nipples.


Sweet Isabella passed on February 28, 2020

She may look like a tough old girl, but Bella (Isabella), who is 11 years old, is actually a champion snuggler. She is spayed, healthy, and up to date on all her medical needs and vaccines. She has no medical issues.

Her favorite things are to nap all day, take short walks, and enjoy the summer sun. She really is gentle and sweet around everyone. Well, except other dogs and cats out on a walk or in the home. She’s not so good with other furry friends. She is that rare sort of pooch whom a child can climb all over and hug, but when it comes to her toys it best that kids don’t tease. She really loves a good round of fetch.

She seeks attention with gentle nudging of hands and wants nothing more but to give you her undivided attention. She is house trained, and can be left uncrated as she just naps while you are gone. She prefers company when going out in the cold or rain to do her business(you can get matching rain jackets). She would do best with a home that has no stairs and can only go to a home with no other dogs or older (8+), respectful children. She is smart and youthful with puppy dog eyes you would die for. She fits many of the attributes of what is looked for in a therapy dog with the minor exception of being able to ignore other dogs.


Brisket has more love to give than any animal I’ve ever met. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt Brisket, she’ll quickly teach them how to be a better person. Although she can be trying at times (and don’t underestimate the amount of extra care this dog needs) she makes up for it 10 fold in the joy she brings you. My heart has felt so full in the past month, and there are few things more rewarding than waking up to her every morning. There’s no love like hers, she relies fully on you and her appreciation is so very apparent. She just loves to love you!!


  • She isn’t crazy about her current food, although given around 8/9am, sometimes she won’t consume until noon. The vet referenced a few plans to help reduce the amount of feces she produces, so it likely is worth trying one of these out.
    • Hill’s i/d
    • Purina EN
    • Royal Canin Gastrointestinal high energy dry or canned
  • Loves almost all treats, she’s not picky AT ALL. (except the gross Milkbone type ones at the vet)
    • Peanut butter
    • Cookie butter (Trader Joes, this is a guilty pleasure treat )
    • Bacon flavored Training Reward Treat
    • Salmon
    • Chicken
    • PUPACCINOS (Starbucks)


  • Not huge on toys, but will cuddle with some stuffed animals from time to time (we have plenty to provide).
  • Providing a comfy cozy bed as well, and we often we leave all the stuffed animals in there to sleep with her.
  • LOOOOVES belly rubs


  • Can NOT go to a home with another dog. Feels threatened and lashes out.
  • However is the sweetest sweetest, cannot be overstated, SWEETEST to humans. Sweeter than any dog I’ve ever met, loves all strangers. Fully trusting.


  • Generally likes (yes likes) changing time and understands signals like the blue changing paper. Knows you’re helping her. Actually will move onto the changing mat from across the room the second we put it on the floor.
  • We’ve tried size 3, 4, & 5 baby diapers and medium doggie diapers. The size 4 baby diapers have worked best for us. It keeps everything in best and stays higher up on her body.
  • We will provide reusable diapers as well, that work best as a diaper cover. AND THEY’RE SUPER CUTE!
  • Baby powder when changing will keep her from rashing, and keeping the diaper a little looser or bigger (think pull up) will help skin, she’s developed skin issues where her diaper lies because of chaffing when tight
  • After you finish she’ll give you TONS of licks to thank you!!!


  • Current wheelchair doesn’t work well, unbalanced and feet drag… we tried making a sling for feet but likely needs a custom wheelchair if you’d like to go  go that route. We have two other carts we will send along so that as her PT starts to help, you can change carts.
  • HOWEVER, we found this amazing lifting harness via Amazon we’ll provide, and with it she’s able to go on a normal walk (or rather RUN! She loves it so much and is a ball of energy once she’s strapped in. Thinking she’ll start to mellow out once these walks become the norm, but she’s JUST SO EXCITED to walk/run again!!! *See video on Rocky Mountain French Bulldogs Facebook*
  • Loves stroller rides too! Stroller is provided. This is a great and quick way to transport her around as well.
  • Should be rubbing/bending hind legs 1-3 times a day to keep them healthy! (See vet notes)


  • Physical Therapy:

Passive Range of Motion–While Brisket is in a laying position, slowly flex and extend each of her joints, starting at her toes, ankles, knees, and hips. If Brisket feels uncomfortable, move the joint as much as is comfortable, and move onto the next joint. You can also rotate her leg as if she is riding a bicycle. Perform this exercise for 5 minutes/leg, 3x a day. These exercises will help maintain a normal range of motion in her rear limbs.

  • Abrasions on her hind paws/tail:  (She has a cut on one of her hind legs because of the way it drags when she currently moves when not in a wheelchair)

Keeping a protective layer (such as a sock, bootie, etc.) over her hind paw (something breathable, not just medical wrap). Make sure she doesn’t have excess moisture before the sock/bootie is put on as this can cause skin irritation/infection.

Avoid cleaning with hydrogen peroxide as it can irritate skin more.

  • Chronic UTI’s (Very common in paraplegic dogs):

Treat current UTI with antibiotic course. Brisket will need a follow up visit the first week of March. RMFBR will cover the cost of that visit.

Blatter expression after this UTI clears to help ensure that Brisket’s bladder is completely emptied, flushing out bacteria. (Vet can prescribe medication to make this easier)

Cranberry pills: 1/day in the morning

  • Potential Discomfort with Hind Legs: (Likely Phantom feeling)

When she seems to be paying attention to hind legs (typically in the form of licking) give her one Gabapentin pull.

  • Anxiety:

Brisket can get anxious when leaving her home alone (likely PTSD). We have prescribed anti-anxiety medication (Trazodone) that you can administer 30 minutes prior to leaving the house. She is best in a larger space with her bed (like the bathroom) rather than kenneled.

At first, her anxiety was so bad she would eat her feces… we have treats we can provide that prevents that, however, it hasn’t happened since the first few times she was left alone–so not sure it’s a long-term issue rather than at the beginning during an adjustment period, but could happen the first few times you leave her. Vet said normal.




Angus was found as a stray wandering the streets of Denver. He is estimated to be 10-12 years old. He’d been out there awhile.

His eye was badly infected and had to be removed. He’s also incredibly thin and his coat is patchy. His little tail is bald!

Despite his past, this is one silly little guy! He kept me laughing to his foster.

His bloodwork looks good and he is deemed healthy for his age.

His foster mama is giving him lots of love and some great food.