Foster Me

To foster, be sure you have a foster application on file, found here. Then send an email to telling us how your home fits the dog.

Please be sure to understand:

After your application has been reviewed, you will have a home check done and will agree and sign the foster contract.

What are the steps for a dog in RMFBR?

  1. Our Board will look over the surrender form.
  2. We will begin looking for a foster home. It is very important we know what is going on as this will ensure the absolute best placement.
  3. Once a foster home is found, we will contact surrender. We will discuss the home and listen to the owner’s needs, the dog’s needs, and any questions they have about the home. Our goal is the right home.
  4. We will make arrangements to pick up the dog.
  5. Surrendering owners often send supplies for the dog. Any additional necessities will come from RMFBR.
  6. Once at foster, the dog will be fully vetted. While we have complete medical records, we always have our vets do additional testing. This way, we know if something else is going on and it is a good relationship building for the dog. We also evaluate behavior in public and at the vet.
  7. Behavior evaluations are performed. If needed, our trainer meets at the foster home with the dog.
  8. We take care of any medical and behavior needs. The dog is 100% healthy before being made available for adoption. If the dog is special needs, we have a treatment plan (Pt, acupuncture, etc) in place for the adoptive home. If needed, the trainer will also go with the dog to the new home.
  9. Our fosters have right of first refusal – meaning if they want to adopt and they are the right home, they have the option to adopt before we make the dog available. This is why we are so careful about a foster home. We don’t like to move dogs more than needed. If they find a furever home with their foster, we want them to stay and be happy.
  10. If the foster is a “foster only”, they will write up the bio for the dog and we will make them available.
  11. Like our foster homes, adoptive homes must be perfect. We do reference checks, home checks, ask for personal essays on why their home is perfect for that dog (NOT why the dog is perfect for their home), etc.
  12. The surrender process can take up to two weeks for the right home. Dogs are in foster at least 30 days – or until they are deemed healthy for adoption. We will then take a week of adoption applications and another week of interviewing and home checks. Most dogs take just over two months from the time we get the surrender form until we send out the adoption contract.

*RMFBR dogs REMAIN the property of RMFBR until an adoption contract is signed – please see adoption contract for stipulations. RMFBR and PACFA reserve the right for the return of the dog to RMFBR at any time.

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