On Christmas Day, Junior was unable to use his back legs. Long story short he has IVDD He still has bowel and bladder control. His surrender has a new born baby and simply cant give Junior the help he needs. She says he is a good dog and he deserves the best. He is just over 3 years old.

He is pretty good with other dogs but, like any dog, will protect his food if the other dog gets too close. He would be better with a female dog.

Because of his ivdd, we are asking if there are children in the home that they are over 12 and respectful of dogs.

Junior will need to see a vet. He will be arriving from California to Salt Lake City on Sunday night. We will bring him to Denver area if the foster is in Denver (area) or he can be fostered in Salt Lake City.

If you can help Junior, please email us why your home is perfect for him. Be sure you have a foster application on file FOUND HERE