Buttercup is a teeny tiny little girl! She is about 8yo and is spayed. She does ok with male dogs while females can be a bit tough. She has not been around children and would say kids over 12 may be ok so long as they respect her and give her space.

Buttercup’s mama had some pretty severe medical issues and was unable to take care of Buttercup. Because of that, her health also suffered. 

Buttercup needs a lot of help but she is absolutely worth it! At this time, we do not know the extent of her needs. We do know she needs to be in diapers and also in a cart.

Buttercup will need a full evaluation at Vista Animal Hospital in Erie. This appointment is scheduled for Dec 31 at 1pm. If you are unable to take her, we will get her and take her.

Buttercup may end up as a hospice foster. She needs a calm and loving home to spend her life. Are you that home? Do you want a calm and older dog who you can truly save while she is with us?

From her foster mama:


In the short time I have gotten to be with Buttercup I have learned a lot about this strong and sweet little girl. She does have some physical issues but she has the biggest heart I have ever experienced a dog having. 

She is the type of dog that is all about love and is ready to give it to everyone. She not once meets anyone she wasn’t ready to give all the love she had to. She also loves to be with her person at all times. She will follow you around, cuddle with you all day and gladly stay on the couch with you all day. She does like to talk, very lightly and sweet like though. She also has the best quiet snores that are more like a baby cooing. I know it puts me right out.  She likes chasing bunnies and going on walks. Walks need to be short, but that doesn’t mean she has any less fun with them – she will have a stroller and a carry bag. At bed time she is not a fan of sleeping in her kennel with the door closed, she would rather be with her person or in her bed with the door open.  I also recommend putting her water up around 8pm, otherwise she might wake you up to go out.

With that being said, Buttercup does have some physical and medical needs. She is not able to use her back legs. The back leg on the left does have some muscle on it. However she uses this to get around and to hold herself up to drink water or eat. I also have noticed she doesn’t have much control over her bowels. I would say she has about 60% control. It is best to keep her in a diaper at all times. She will need to be changed regularly and of course wiped. Due to this she will also going to need a bath ever few days, which she hates. I also recommend that you wash her bed and any blankets every few days. She currently has two beds and several blankets so it is easy to rotate between them while cleaning them. She has a cart but she needs to learn how to turn with it. I also walk her using a work out band to hold up her rear end. This works really well and I feel it has helped her gain some strength in her front. She doesn’t mind and seems to actually like walking like this. She is on a medical dog food that I soak in bone broth. She is not a fan of hard kibble. I also use a special dog bowl for her to eat out of (Flufftrough). She does not eat on a schedule, I just put it down and she will nibble at it at her own will. This seems to work best to make sure she eats. She also is taking Gabapentin every 12 hours and has a special soap for her baths. I would consult with your vet to see if these are something that is going to be needed long term. 

The perfect home for Buttercup is one where her person is retired or works from home. She is a very calm and relaxed dog but she does need care that takes more time then the average dog.  The less stairs the better, unless you are ok with carrying her up and down. She is very tiny. Yard or no yard would be ok, if there is lots of grass she would scoot around all over the place. If there is no yard she will need assistance walking or further cart training. Buttercup is an amazing dog, it pains me to let her go, but I know in my heart she needs someone with more time to dedicate to her needs. If there are any question please reach out, if I have an answer I don’t mind sharing. She is an amazing dog and I am going to miss her. 

Are you able to save a life? Can you help Buttercup?

If so, please email us and tell us why your home is the best for her.