Nelson and Poe are looking for their Furever Home!

You have hit the jackpot with these two frenchies!! Meet Nelson & Poe, 4yo brothers that are the funniest, snuggliest, best trained frenchies we have known. Both are very healthy and have had full vet checks including blood work and vaccine updates.

They are wonderful with all age children, sharing snuggles and kisses. Poe jumps four feet high showing his excitement for the ball and could spend hours chasing a soccer ball, while Nelson would rather be with you and do anything for food!

They gobble up their food (1/2 cup of Fromm) twice a day, during breakfast and dinner. Nelson is the boss and sweet Poe falls in line behind his big brother. Nelson has a grain allergy and responds to treats for tricks. They usually need to go on a walk after they eat to go to the bathroom.


Poe & Nelson sleep in their crates at night and rest beside me in my home office all day. They are potty-trained and great on walks together. They also have sweaters and booties and couldn’t be any cuter!

They will do best as the only pets in your home. They have so much love to give and want to be with you all the time. They snort and toot and snore are super playful. They have fun personalities. They snuggle with our family/kids and each other all the time.

They also are bonded and shouldn’t be separated. They groom one another, snuggle together and play constantly. 


These sweet dogs just want to be loved and are so grateful for some love and time. They will be the perfect additions to their family! 

Nelson and Poe will NOT be separated. They are a bonded pair. They would do best in a home with older children and no other dogs. Absolutely no cats due to Nelson’s high prey drive. Their total adoption fee will be $1500. Applications will close at 8pm Sunday March 5, 2023.

To apply to adopt, please click here