Choco Taco is looking for his furever home!

We wake up by chasing his foster brother and sisters around the house, then we usually do a morning diaper change, and feeding. A cup of Purina sensitive skin and stomach right now (and maybe half cup in the evening). He’s been really active with us now that he has a wheelchair he loves to show off! He’s a social butterfly so going out and meeting people is definitely his favorite pastime; and running around the yard in his drag bag. Now that it’s winter he’s just been a little heat chasing potato.

He’s been known to fall asleep face first in the heating vent. He’s very relaxed(loves his bed, he will sleep wherever you put it) and loves being able to snuggle on the couch. If you have a toy- ANY toy, he will 100% play.He has the happiest little jumps and will fill your heart with joy.  He currently lives with two dogs and a cat, and loves all 3. Especially licking the cat, yes, he licks the cat. He is definitely more interested in his foster brother than his foster sister. Much to the dismay of his foster brother.

He is not a fan of getting his nails trimmed. He has the WORST FOMO. He wants to be where everyone else is. All the time.  His favorite thing in the whole world— getting changed haha! He loves it. He especially loves getting baths and quick showers! His ideal home would be no more than two stairs (unless you take him up and down with you, he can easily make it up an easy stair or two.)  – other pets, if no pets then someone who works at home.

He loves kids too. Someone who doesn’t mind sloppy kisses from a roly poly snorty goof ball, that will be your constant loving shadow. If you have a male dog, he may be a bit much. A female dog(s) would preferrable. Or a male dog that doesn’t mind constant attention and play. He is fairly light weright and easy to pick up, so he is easy to carry around with you everywhere you go! He would be an excellent travel companion but may require some training. He loves all of the attention.

He does require some regular cleaning of his ears and nose. He has some skin issues that flare up under times of high stress. He has a special diet as a result of his food allergies. If you are a hiker, he would LOVE to go hiking with you in his very own backpack, given the temperatures are PERFECT (not too hot or too cold).

He really is the best little companion. No pets, or kids, no problem. He just wants to play and he doesn’t mind who with. He doesn’t do well in isolation, so if you work from home or can take him with you to work, you could be his ideal family! 

Choco Taco’s adoption fee will be $350. He is in a cart but gets around fine without it. He is in diapers. His neuter and nares surgery will be 2/17 at Vista. He can go to a home before that but that appointment must be kept. If you are the perfect home to Choco, be sure you have an app on file and follow the instructions on the app for emailing.