Zoey is adopted

Zoey is a sweet, fun girl who loves to spend time with her humans. She is almost 3 years old and spayed. Zoey is in diapers but is completely mobile.

She enjoys small toys like a ball for cats with a bell inside and is content to play by herself.  Giving kisses and being held are her favorite pastimes.  She likes to wrestle with her human and dogs, as long as they don’t play too rough. 

She gets along with other dogs for the most part but does guard her food and needs to be in her own space to eat.  She is friendly with small children and people.  Homes without cats would be best because her prey drive is very strong.  She will NOT be placed in a home with cats or other small animals.

Zoey loves her morning walks and likes to practice her pouncing skills on the grass.  She does like going for rides and is content with longer rides.  She likes to visit new places. She is learning different social interactions and learning appropriate behavior. 

She will need some extra care with cleaning her tail pocket, brushing her teeth, and keeping her diaper changed.  Don’t let the diapers scare you from being her family.  She is very good and it is easy to change her diaper!  She would do very well in a small apartment or a home as she is content to be wherever her human is.  Her foster family works from home, and Zoey is starting to learn when to be quiet during meetings and when it’s time to play.  

Care information:

Diapers: Size 3, current brand is Member’s Mark Sam’s Club or Luvs

Outer diaper covers: Wegreeco (Amazon)size medium. She does have 6 of them and we change them once a day, but it helps incase of a leak. We use a harness and mitten clip system to keep her diaper up.

Food: Science Diet sensitive stomach and skin  

Rx: Apoquel once a day, can also add Claritin 

Probiotics: Purina FortiFlora

Shampoo: MiconaHex+Triz, she gets bathed every other week

We will send all the supplies we currently have to the new family.

Zoey’s donation fee will be $300 at time of adoption.

If you are the perfect home for Zoey, please fill out the adoption application for her and then send an email to rockymountainfbr@gmail.com. She is currently located in UT and we do adopt out of state.

Intake Notes
Zoey is the easiest and best dog but recently she has become incontinent. Due to our work schedules I feel bad not being able to change Zoeys diapers as frequent as needed nor cater to her needs. She is the happiest dog and is completely pain free. She started having accidents in September 2021 and soon after became incontinent. I took her to do testing at UC Davis. She had an MRI and a spinal tap. They found some fluid on her spinal cord. Unfortunately there is nothing they can do. She doesn’t have any signs of IVDD or anything that is operational to correct her incontinence. They didn’t come up with a diagnosis for Zoey as they said they have never seen something like this before that its something super rare but not surprising for a French bulldog. She does have some slippage of her back legs but she has always had that its only when running on hard wood floors. Davis said there is no concern and that is just her.
*Zoey is completely mobile but will need a diaper.*

She can sleep in a crate or sleep out on a dog bed. When I’m at work or running errands she can also go in her crate. But will not chew up anything if left out.
No aggression to humans or other animals. But she does resource guard her food so she needs to be fed and given treats separate from the other dogs in the home. No behavioral issues.
Never has had human food. She eats purina pro plan sensitive skin and stomach salmon and rice
She loves the car. She will sit in the passenger seat or backseat. Has never been carsick before she usually sleeps while on car rides or just sits/lays.

She loves people and especially children she loves to give tons of kisses when meeting someone new. She gets along with dogs she’s never met a cat before. She loves to chase the vacuum while you are vacuuming. She loves water bottles and cat toy balls with a bell or something inside. She loves to play with water hoses, sprinklers loves the water on summer days has never swam before. She loves to lay with you and loves her front feet rubbed when laying on her back. She is a sound sleeper and doesn’t wake up for anything. She lights up any room she walks in!
Zoey is about 2 and a half years old. She is in California and will need to travel to Denver.
If you are the perfect foster for Zoey, please email us at rockymountainfbr@gmail.com and tell us why. Please be sure to include photos of your home.
After the 30 day foster period and all vetting is done, Zoey’s donation will be $300.