Landen is in his Furever Home

At this time, applications are closed for Landen

Landen is an energetic older (about 8yo) gentleman that would keep younger pups on their toes. He thinks our Newfoundland is a deity and would likely do best in a home with mature bigger dogs. We’re uncertain of how he does with smaller dogs. He does great with kids. He’s suspicious of cats and won’t harm them, but will bark, chase, and fixate on them given the opportunity. We prefer no cats in his home.

He doesn’t know a lot of commands, but is extremely food motivated and eager to please. He loves his coat and a warm bed. He’ll sleep with you given the opportunity though he is very vocal when woken up or startled or around people he doesn’t know.
He really doesn’t like a crate or being left alone. He’d do best in a home with a retired couple or stay at home  parent that can give him the attention he knows he deserves.

The best thing about him is his wiggles. His whole body wiggles to the point he’ll knock himself over out of excitement. It’s adorable. The most challenging thing about him is he insists on you going outside with him while he uses the facilities. It isn’t an all the time thing, but is a struggle because he’ll opt to find a corner inside and use that instead.
His routine is pretty typical. He wakes up when we do (around 7), goes to the bathroom, gets fed, and let back outside. He will nap throughout the day if given the chance, but is up at a moments notice to go for a walk.

He’s on some medicated eye drops that help his eyes not be so inflamed from some minor allergies he has.
He’s extremely loyal and will attach to one or two people and won’t leave your side.
Overall, he’s a wonderfully dapper man that just needs some consistency in his life with a friend to snuggle up to and people that can be around most of the day.

Landen’s adoption fee is $300. Please fill out an adoption application AND send us an email detailing why your home is best for him.