Junior has been adopted!


Junior is available for adoption!

Be sure to check the following video link!


If you are looking for a calm, happy baby, Junior is it! He adjusted to his foster home and siblings so fast and from what we’ve witnessed, he wasn’t even phased by losing movement or feeling in his back legs. He joyously picks up toys (balls and ropes are his favorite!) and runs them room to room before settling in near your feet to play with them by himself – but watch out if you’re playing fetch with a sibling! He’ll gladly jump in and you need to be aware so that it does not lead to a game of tug of war between the two. He plays well with children and dogs of all sizes, he even tried to engage a great dane into play. Back rubs, neck rubs, ear rubs, really any kind of rubs are his jam. His giant smile brightens up the room and his constant companionship removes any possibility of loneliness. While he was on crate rest, he was quite content to sit in his stroller in close proximity when we were doing chores. Now he finds a good place to stretch out on the floor where he can see us. 

Junior hates to be alone. He has mastered his whine that only comes out when you leave him without a human or dog in sight and has chewed up a door casing when left to his own devices. He is very sociable by nature, and wants to greet all friends, whether two, three or four legged when you’re out and about. This is the only other time you will hear his notorious whine. He is strong and combined with his new wheels he is unstoppable! Be prepared to have your feet run over (good thing he’s so light!) on your walks and don’t drop the leash unless you’re up for a run yourself. This stud muffin is a showstopper – everyone you come across will want to meet him and you’ll make instant friends with all your neighbors. They’ll all ask you what breed he is, because his adorable giant bear face is not as common as other Frenchie markings.

Junior is really good at knowing his limits and when he needs to take a break. He feels safe in his crate, and if you leave you the door open, he will lay down on his bed inside to take a rest. We no longer close it during the night and he rarely gets up until you open the bedroom door. He has achieved wiggling out of his diaper while sleeping a few times – not sure if it’s a diaper fail on my end or if he just really squirmed around those nights. We have yet to master keeping belly bands on him. A size 5 Target diaper with a reusable diaper and suspenders has been our best and safest combination. He needs his bladder expressed 3-5 times a day, but can poop on his own. It took a couple weeks to get on a good schedule with his diaper changes, but we now have a routine down where he will poop when I take his diaper off in the morning and evening and then I can relieve his bladder. (Potty Pads are our best friends!) His urine has a tendency to build up crystals so to avoid severe UTIs the vet recommends bringing him in for testing every 3 months. We’ve also been prescribed Hill’s Prescription Diet Urinary Care and a medication to help relax his bladder so it can be expressed.

Junior’s favorite snack is peanut butter and will gobble anything up if it is involved. He does like to sniff out other food items and contemplate them before trying. Because of his separation anxiety, it did take a couple weeks for him to eat on his own. It was a process of going from being hand fed, to fed while sitting next to us, to him eating completely on his own.

This foster momma doesn’t think a more perfect dog exists (shh don’t tell her other dogs!). He deserves to go to someone who is home more than she is and who can give him more attention throughout the day. His happy attitude and sweet disposition will bless anyone’s life.

If you are the perfect home for this sweet and silly boy, send an email to rockymountainfbr@gmail.com saying why your home is great! Send some pictures or a video as well! Junior’s adoption fee will be $300. He is currently in Salt Lake City but transport is available. You must fill out an adoption app for him HERE.


Notes from 1/1/2022

On Christmas Day, Junior was unable to use his back legs. Long story short he has IVDD He still has bowel and bladder control. His surrender has a new born baby and simply cant give Junior the help he needs. She says he is a good dog and he deserves the best. He is just over 3 years old.

He is pretty good with other dogs but, like any dog, will protect his food if the other dog gets too close. He would be better with a female dog.

Because of his ivdd, we are asking if there are children in the home that they are over 12 and respectful of dogs.