Goose Adopted


Goose had a full physical! Kiddo has a pretty intense hook worm infection but we are medically treating it. His neuter and nares surgery is Monday!


Goose is a 2yo neutered male with Spina Bifida. He is completely mobile but does wear a diaper. There isn’t just one amazing thing about Goose.. he is EVERYTHING amazing in a dog! He loves to play, snuggle give kisses. He knows when to settle down if there are zoom meetings going on. Very good with commands, sits, stays & paw. Loves his vests we have to switch them out during laundry day so he can stay clean. Wears 2T undies (Paw-Patrol is his favorite) He is just such a good boy we have 6 kids ages 16-5 months and he does great with each of them.

While Goose is amazing with people and mostly with other dogs (a female in the home would be considered), Goose has a high prey-drive. He has killed an outside wild bunny and will give chase to any other small animal he believes is prey.

He is in a crate at night for bed or if we are out of the house for longer than an hour as his diaper/pad might come off – he tends to have a touch of separation anxiety and rips off his diaper when left alone too long. We see this often in our diaper dogs and will help set up a suspender system.

Diaper is needed 24/7 unless he is outdoors. He has only known diapers since he was a baby so he will lay on his back so you can change him like so. He also wears size 18 months baby onesies to help with the diaper. We can also get a foster set up in an outfit like Kevin wears.

After the foster period and full vetting, Goose’s donation will be $300. If you are the perfect home for Goose, please send an email to explaining why. Be sure to include photos of your home.