Gilbert Adopted


Gilbert is in a foster home and doing well. He has some anxiety still – especially with strangers – but foster dad is slowly introducing him to other humans. His vet checkup is next week.

Gilbert needs a foster (to adopt) home

Gilbert is about one year old and is neutered. He was found and taken to a shelter where he has been for over two weeks. Like all French bulldogs, Gilbert has not done well in the shelter. He is becoming more and more fearful there and we need to get him out. It is hard to evaluate a French bulldog in a shelter setting. At this time, he is very protective which is showing as aggression. However, when outside, he is calm and relaxed and asks for pets. But because of his showing of anger in the shelter, we are asking for a home with no other pets and no children under 16. Gilbert needs to feel safe. He needs to have a routine established. Once this is set, he will blossom into a sweet and loving dog. 

If you can help Gilbert, please email us immediately and tell us about your house and why you believe you have the structures to help Gilbert. We are picking him up Wednesday afternoon and he will need to be in a home around 3. 

Additionally, Gilbert will need to see Vista Vet (i25 and State Highway 7) on March 7 at 430pm. 

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