Donut Adopted

Donut is ready to find his furever family! 


Donut is a fun loving, cuddly 3.5 year old boy. He is very sweet and loves any human that will take the time out of their day to give him some good ear rubs. He has grown fond of his foster dad and loves spending time with the boys (dad and his brother).  From what we have seen, he loves all dogs big or small (we have not seen him around cats).

Donut LOVES play time with his foster brother and sister as well as walks in his wheelchair. He is equally just as happy minding his own business; he is a very curious boy who loves looking out the window to see what is going on outside, chewing on his bones and just wandering around the house to see what is new.

While Donut does have a kennel (that he needs assistance with getting in and out of), he is a trustworthy dog and can be left out when his humans are not home; he does not get into or chew anything that does not belong to him. He is an IVDD dog who will need regular diaper changes but he puts up no struggle when it is that time of day! Donut spends most of his time on the ground because he cannot jump onto things on his own but he always appreciates a good cuddle on the couch or bed whenever he gets the chance. Donut would love a family that would let him sleep in the bed with them every night (who wouldn’t!), but if you choose not to, he is equally as happy with sleeping in his bed (tucked in with his favorite blanket and toys) and will sleep the whole night through! We noticed that he likes to nurse on his blanket or bed, we don’t know why, but it is pretty cute!

Donut loves interaction, so we believe that he would be happiest in a family with other dogs that he can play, cuddle and exchange licks with. Donut also LOVES his food. He gobbles up his meals within seconds but also respects his foster sister and brother’s love for food and will patiently wait until they are finished to see if they were kind enough to leave any leftovers for him. Donut is not a vocal dog, he does not bark outside of the occasional hello when someone comes in the front door. 

With Donut being an IVDD dog, he will need to be changed regularly (3-4 times a day and of course if feasible, more the better). This includes wiping his bottom thoroughly and applying diaper cream to spots that can become irritated with diaper rash. He wears diapers with a diaper cover and suspenders to hold them up. His schedule as of now starts at around 6:30am for his first diaper change of the day then gets changed every 4-5hours after that. We always ensure to change him first thing in the morning and last thing at night, but the inbetween can be flexible. He does not like being put on his back but will sit nicely while he is being changed.

Donut can MOVE in his cart!

He gets fed 2 times a day (first meal is at around 12:00-1:00pm his last meal is around 7:00-8:00pm). With IVDD and his back legs being paralyzed, he needs his back legs to be stretched out a few times a week to make sure they do not get stiff. He has shown no food aggressiveness towards his humans but would like his space when it comes to food or bones and other dogs. Donut is also a very thirsty dog and loves drinking out of his foster brother and sisters water fountain (he told us he would love one of his own at his furever home)!

Before he moved into his foster home, he had a pitbull sibling. Donut can hold his own with bigger dogs and it shows in his strength! He is a big boy weighing in at about 30lbs. Being so big and strong, sometimes he can’t tell his own strength and can be a little rough when playing with dogs his size/smaller; he is easily correctable once he is reminded. With this being said, when he is excited, his strong arms can scratch a bit, and every once in a while, he bites in excitement when he gets pets from his humans (we call it love nips because it is nothing aggressive or enough to break the skin but have been working on correcting him when he does so). Donut will have to be on a probiotic for the duration of his life.  He has no issue taking medication, especially when it is mixed in with his food; he is not a picky boy. 

Other than the diapers, Donut is an easy dog who just wants to be involved and around his family (human and dogs). He is loving, sweet, curious and overall such a good boy that would love to and deserves to find his furever family, who will love him just as equally as he loves them. 

Donut is a three and a half year old neutered male who loves everyone. He is a happy dog and has been well loved as a family member. He gets along with other dogs. He has not been cat tested. In his surrender home, he did have younger children and was great with them so long as they understand he cannot move away as other dogs can

Donut’s adoption fee is $300. If you are the perfect home for Donut, please fill out the adoption application and then send us an email detailing your home.


Even though he cannot walk and may still not understand what’s happening, he has been happy and loving throughout everything. The surgery, he recovered rapidly. His adjustment to his life has been astonishing.

Donut is a three and a half year old neutered male who loves everyone. He is a happy dog and has been well loved as a family member. Sadly, due to his recent paralysis, this busy family with young children realize they do not have the time to continue to give Basil the care and support he needs.

We will set Donut up with all his needs and cart, vet visits, etc. We are hoping to bring him in from Florida next weekend.