Buzz is adopted


Buzz is ready for adoption!

Buzz is barely a year old and full of puppy still!

He has been neutered and has hd surgical repair to his cherry eyes. Buzz is 100% healthy!

Buzz is an energetic, playful, loving young dog, eager to please. He loves all people as well as other dogs, and plays fearlessly with all sizes and types, even (mistakenly) thinking he’s the boss by putting his paws up and “hugging” other pups.

He will plaster you with kisses and let you know it’s time to wake up. He is super food-motivated, and has begun same basic training; he’s pretty good with the clicker to get his attention, and then seems to know “Sit”, “Wait”, and “Come” is coming along.

He has a voracious need to chew, so make sure he has access to bones, Kongs and toys or he will find something, maybe something you cherish, to chew. He will spend time in the crate, though he’d rather be out and free. He doesn’t like the cold, but he enjoys several walks a day to burn off energy, and is used to a morning, afternoon, and evening walk at the minimum. He’s well house-trained, particularly after he’s in his routine, and/or you have a doggy door.

Buzz is becoming the perfect dog. Like all younger dogs, his family will need to keep up with exercise and obedience training.

Overall a perfect dog for someone who wants a very friendly, energetic, playful dog with plenty of puppy left in him.

Are you the perfect home for Buzz? If so, send us an email at detailing your home. Also be sure you have an adoption application on file for him.

Buzz’s adoption fee will be $1000.

Previous notes on Buzz (who was Kash at intake).


Buzz is currently in foster. He will be seeing the vet next week for an evaluation on his cherry eyes and to set a surgery date.

Kash is a year old who is full of life and very excitable and still very much a puppy!

Buzz (was Kash) is having medical issues – namely double cherry-eye – and his owner can no longer care for him. He will need to have his eyes evaluated and possible surgery. Our regular vet is in Erie and appointments are 3pm on Fridays. He may need the surgeon at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital. Please be aware of this.

Kash is 80% French bulldog and 20% Boston Terrier per his DNA results. The hope is this will eliminate some of the breed specific health issues in the future.

We don’t know too much about Kash. He seems to like respectful children and gets along well with other dogs. He does like the cats but do be aware Frenchies and Bostons can have high prey drives. The cats in his home are older and don’t run. It would be a concern if your cats run rather than are sleepy potatoes.

Kash is NOT a sleepy potato. He is incredibly friendly but he is still a puppy and will need basic obedience training and patience.