Bruno was adopted 2/27/22

BRUNO IS IN SALT LAKE CITY. Bruno is an amazing year and a half old neutered male Frenchie that is extremely affectionate and is wonderful with other dogs. He loves to cuddle and have the back of his ears scratched. The time that I have been fostering Bruno he has been so loving like a big brother to my 6 month old frenchie named Frank.

Bruno loves to lay near the kitchen sliding door and enjoy the sun. Bruno does need to be crated when it comes to him napping for the night because he has a lot of energy and will keep playing and playing till he is forced to sleep. He is a very happy puppy and eager to please.

He does love to drink a lot of water so its best to let him walk around outside after he has water so he does not have an accident indoors. Anyone will who adopts bruno will a lovable addition to their family.

Bruno will do best in a family with another calm dog for a companion. He loves people and dogs. He has not been around cats. He would do well with older children who can respect his space.

Bruno is about a year and a half old. He was surrendered because he can occasionally have a weak hind end. He has seen a neurologist and he has no neuro deficits at this time. Our best guess is he needs to strengthen his muscles and leash walks will help that. Playing and being active with Frank has also helped. Bruno is fully vetted and up to date on vaccines. He is a happy, healthy young dog.

Bruno’s donation fee will be $1000. If you think you are the perfect home for Bruno, be sure you have an ADOPTION APP in for him and send us an email detailing why your home is perfect. Please be sure to include photos or video of your home to