Archie Adopted

Archie is a super sweet neutered male just over three years old. His mama has fallen on some hard times and simply cannot care for him. Archie is in UT and needs an immediate foster.

Archie does have some medical issues – namely he has Mega E and would benefit from a Bailey chair which we can find and get one to his foster home. Because of the Mega E, he will need to be crated (he currently eats in his crate) for at least half an hour after a meal. His water intake will also need to be monitored so he doesn’t gulp and regurgitate. We will work to get foster a Water Trough from Fluff Trough. A quick overview of Mega E can be found HERE.

Archie is reported to be very loving and very sweet but he does have some food guarding. He is fed in his kennel now and may get along with a passive female dog so long as treats (which Archie can’t have) and food is always fed separate. He would be fine with older (12+) children in the home.

If you have the perfect foster home for Archie, be sure you have a FOSTER APPLICATION on file and email us at At the end of the foster period, Archie’s adoption fee will be $300.